Gaulin Homogenizer. Model: HO30. S/N: 57890. (3) 2-1/2 in. dia. plungers. Pressure and flowrate can be modified/adjusted to suit your needs. Currently setup as a pump, but homogenizing valve(s) can be added. Tapered seat poppet valve cylinders. Motor pulley diameter: 5 in. Gear pulley diameter: 15 in. dia. Pulley ratio: 0.33. Inlets/outlets: 2 in. dia. ACME threaded fittings. Overall dimensions: 52 in. L x 42-1/2 in. W. x 59-1/2 in. H.
Stock No: fpe_SHCA1179.17  |   Mfg: Gaulin  |   Model: HO30  |   S/N: fpe_57890

Used Gaulin 2000 K24 Homogenizer - Parts Machine. Model: 2000 K24. Block Serial Number: 7156 1500K 127. 2-stage manual valve assembly. 2-3/4 inches plungers. Tapered seat ball valve cylinders. Unit is missing: motor, pulley motor, [2] homogenizer valves, shaft cover, [6] connecting rod shims, [2] shaft bearings, [2] drive shaft bushings, [3] plunger adapters. Side covers are damaged. Overall dimensions: 6 feet 1 inches length x 4 feet 2 inches width x 5 feet height.
Stock No: fpe_285.TGP301B.30  |   Mfg: Gaulin  |   Model: 2000 K24  |   S/N: fpe_1124539729

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