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Stock No: fpe_AACA2195.45  |   Mfg: ADCO Manufacturing / Thermo Scientific  |   Model: 105WA-170SS  |   S/N: fpe_3239HG

Used Gilbreth Packaging Systems/Culbro Machine Systems Neck Bander. Model: Tamp-R-Alert. Serial Number: 13764558504. System requirements: 220 V. Timing screw is 30 inches long with a 4 inches pitch. Becker Vacuum Pump, Model: VT-40, Serial Number: C 898853, Capacity: 26.9 inches WC @ 28.2 cubic feet per minute. Height at infeed/exit: 41 inches Overall dimensions: 54 inches length x 50 inches width x 70 inches H. This piece is being offered and sold as is. It may or may not be complete. Please be sure and look at pictures and ask for additional pictures. Do not rely on original descriptions.
Stock No: fpe_85.EN8.1  |   Mfg: Gilbreth Packaging Systems/Culbro  |   Model: Tamp-R-Alert  |   S/N: fpe_13764558504

Used Great Lakes Corp. Heat Tunnel. Belt stainless steel 26 inches L. Tunnel aperture: 26 inches W x 13 inches H. Sew Euro Drive-MFG, 0.7 horse power, 460/230 V, 3 phase, 1.5/3.0 amp, 60 Hz, 880 rpm, Output 72-362. Overall Dimensions 58 1/2 inches length x 38 inches width x 54 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_OI11  |   Mfg: Great Lakes  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

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