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Jayhawk Mustard Mill. Model: 2MPYC. Serial: B233. Capacity: 75 GPH / 635 lbs. per hour. Century Motor, 7.5 hp, 3470/2890 rpm, 220-440 V, 60/50 cycle, 3 phase. The Jayhawk mustard mill is a wet process, stone grinding size reduction mill using precision balanced, diamond cut stones in varieties of applications to include mustard, hot sauce processing, or anything that requires reduction by wet grinding. Inlet: 1 in. bevel seat. Outlets: (1) 4 in. L x 1 in. W discharge. Overall dimensions: 27 in. L. x 15 in. W. x 16 in. H. (ACN129).
Stock No: fpe_FHF293b  |   Mfg: Jayhawk  |   Model: 2MPYC  |   S/N: fpe_B233

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