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Used Volumetric Rotary 8-Station Filler. Model: RCIR-A. Serial Number: P196-0837. Last used for filling 7.4oz chili powder bottles [Trechas]. Maximum Bottle Size: 2 inches diameter x 7 inches height. Fill tank capacity: 1.94 cu. feet [14.5 Gallon]. Conveyor width: 2-1/2 inches Conveyor infeed height: 36 inches Conveyor exit height: 37-1/2 inches Banner Mini Beams. Baldor Industrial Motor, 1-1/2 horse power, 1725 rmp, 60 Hz, 208-230/460 V, 5.3-5/2.5 amps. SEW-Eurodrive Gear drive, 3.98 ratio, 433 final rpm. Overall dimensions: 92 inches length x 35 inches width x 62 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_55.L24300a.6  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model: RCIR-A  |   S/N: fpe_P196-0837

Used Crown Cork and Seal Co. Seven Head Bottle Filler. Model CEMAC14-A-K-ED. Serial Number AH-14-A-487. Siemens General Duty Control Box, VACU - Break ITE Switch with Clampmatic contacts. Catalog number NR42C1, Series A, 30 amp, 240 V, 3 phase, 3 horse power, max 7.5. Indoor/ outdoor enclosure type 3R. [7] CEMAC seal heads made by Fogg Filler Co. Top lid opening dimensions: center 7-3/4 inches and 8 inches offset opening. Tank opening without lid: 23 inches Overall dimensions: 69 inches length x 42 inches width x 72 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_IMS02.30  |   Mfg: Crown Cork and Seal Co.  |   Model: CEMAC14-A-K-ED  |   S/N: fpe_AH-14-A-487

Used Fogg 18-Head Rotary Valve Filler. Model: KG-18 RH. Serial Number: 617-7-83. Infeed tank capacity: 60 gal. Manway: 10 inches length x 7 inches width. Distance between valves: 7 inches Maximum size container: 5 inches width x 8 inches height. Adjustable height. Conveyor with 4-1/2 inches wide track. Inlets: [1] 3 inches diameter bevel fitting. Outlets: [19] 2 inches diameter ports. Overall dimensions: 94 inches length x 54 inches width x 79 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_75.FHF231a.22a  |   Mfg: Fogg  |   Model: KG-18 RH  |   S/N: fpe_617-7-83

Used Cherry-Burrell 8-Head Rotary Filler. Model: G83L. Valve diameter: 1 inches Distance between valves: 10-1/2 inches Maximum size container: 6-1/2 inches length x 4-1/2 inches width x 9-1/2 inches height. Adjustable height. Tank capacity: 30 gal. Inlets: [1] 6 inches diameter port, [1] 10 inches length x 7 inches width port. Overall dimensions: 73 inches length x 31 inches width x 63 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_100.IMS.10  |   Mfg: Cherry-Burrell  |   Model: G83L  |   S/N: fpe_

Used Federal Filler- 20 Head. Two sets of nozzles: [10] 1-1/8 inches and [10] 5/8 inches Center-to-center: 10.75 inches diameter Drum: 40 inches dia x 10 inches height. 220 V. Filler runs left to right, and is setup for easy changeover between two different size bottles. Overall dimensions: 82 inches length x 48 inches width x 96 inches height.[h17].
Stock No: fpe_150.FHF280a.65  |   Mfg: Federal Filler  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Horix 32 Valve filler with valves that are suitable for filling bottles with 28 mm caps, like a coke bottle size. It has 1/2 in. nozzles and centers between valves is 4-1/2 in., has a S.S. Bowl and a 3 hp GE Motor 208-230/460 V. This filler has a Carbon Steel frame with all contact parts and covers made from stainless steel 304. Guides are fabricated out of UHMW and are set for a 600 ml bottle. The filler can be adjusted to other size bottles but new guides will have to be manufactured. The machine is set up to run up to 120 bpm in a 350 ml or 12 oz bottle. If you want to fill with a larger bottle, the speed will lower. For example, in an approximation to run with 1 liter bottles, the filler will fill about 50 bpm.(H17)(XMR125)
Stock No: fpe_55.3R-2331.15  |   Mfg: Horix  |   Model: 2MCC-4 L3R  |   S/N: fpe_

Used Stainless Steel 15-Valve Rotary Filler. Fills 1 gallon or smaller bottles with 1-1/2 inches openings. Valve diameter: 1-1/8 inches Tank volume: 140 liters [37 gal.]. Center distance between valves/heads: 7 inches Overall dimensions: 82 inches length x 42 inches width x 59 inches height.[h17].
Stock No: fpe_ANSA007.  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Used 6-Head Rotary Filler. Model: AG62. [6] 1-1/4 inches diameter nozzles will fill 8-1/2 inches height [max] bottle. Distance between valves: 10 inches Conveyor: 3-1/2 inches width x 48 inches L. Infeed height: 33 inches [adjustable]. Exit height: 32 inches [adjustable]. Infeed Tank- 19 gal., inside dimensions: 24 inches diameter x 10 inches height. Unit features a tamping foot for press-on caps, less chute. Baldor Industrial Motor, 1/2 horse power, 208-230/460 V, 3.4-3.2/1.6 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Overall dimensions: 55 inches length x 44 inches width x 56 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_CCFP500  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model: AG62  |   S/N: fpe_

Used Gravity Rotary Filler - 32 Head. Tank volume: 200 gal. Filler currently set up as a 16 head unit, but more heads can be added for a total of 32. Fill tube diameter: 3/8 inches Filling head diameter: 1-1/4 inches Conveying screw auger dimensions: 3-1/2 inches diameter x 1 feet 7 inches L. Maximum aperture/clearance above belt: 5 inches width x 7 inches height. Inlets: [1] 8 inches diameter top fill. Overall dimensions: 9 feet length x 6 feet 4 inches width x 7 feet height.
Stock No: fpe_SABE037.43  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

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