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Used 1998 Hayssen Sandiacre Single Tube Intermittent Motion Bag Filler and Sealer. Model: TG400LX. Originally used as part of a frozen biscuit-in-a bag line, this machine offers adjustable capacity settings and is capable of filling 40, 18 and 12 count bags at the respective rates of 30, 40 and 45 bags per minute. Machine features simple and fast bag size changeover with one-piece forming sets. Infeed height: 6 feet 10 inches Exit height: 3 feet 5 inches Overall dimensions: 7 feet 8 inches length x 6 feet width x 7 feet 2 inches H.[ACN1250].
Stock No: fpe_DNBA084  |   Mfg: Sandiacre Packaging Machinery Ltd.  |   Model: TG400LX  |   S/N: fpe_2250

Used Anderson Machine 18 Head Inline / Rear Discharge Volumetric Filler. Stainless steel. Helix style container infeed. The machine would receive a 'slug' of 18 empty containers - an orienting device would index 18 containers under a walking beam filling head [fixed height nozzles, no-dive] and the filled containers would exit the machine directly into a cooling tunnel. Enclosed and heated filling area [previous product needed to be filled hot @ 62 degrees C / 143.6 F]. Filling area was heated with air blown through a steam heated coil. Product Sizing Last running a 1.6oz fill. Current Application Still installed / Deodorant. Overall dimensions 12 feet length x 6 feet width x 8 feet height.
Stock No: fpe_ENAE58322.  |   Mfg: Anderson  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

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