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Used 2000 Doboy [now Boss Packaging, Inc.] “BaggerBoss” Automatic Bagging Machine. Model: BA00102. With an approximate capacity rating of [32] 10 lb. bags per minute, this automatic bagging machine is designed to open, fill and transfer pre-made wicketed bags into a sealing/closing machine. Features include: easy and rapid product change over requiring no additional tools, ease of integration with other machines and scales, and computer control fault diagnostics. Allen Bradley Panel View 550. Power supply: 120 V. Currently non-operational. Overall dimensions: 5 feet 4 inches length x 3 feet 7 inches width x 6 feet 7 inches H.[ACN679]. [GM].
Stock No: fpe_DNBA033  |   Mfg: Doboy  |   Model: BA00102  |   S/N: fpe_DHP-147-2000

Used 1997 Roscher Horizontal Vacuum Packager. Model RQ-SVM-S1100. Serial Number: 6.080.0024. High end vacuum pumps of 0.5 mbar. Volume from 160 m. cub. per hour up to 2,000 m. cub. per hour, high speed machine for all kind of products and bag material, rust proof, complete stainless steel, program memory for 8 complete settings, hygienic design, top and bottom sealing with 5 mm seal wires, microprocessor control with pressure an boiling point programs, automatic transport system for connecting to filling systems, high speed temperature controller. Packager uses a 3-section belt that conveys product; each belt is 45 inches long. Belt width: 7 inches Maximum aperture/clearance: [1] 18 inches width x 24 inches height. KATT motor, 5.5 KW, 1,720 rpm, 220 V, 20.8 amps. Busch motor, Model RA250B. Overall dimensions: 12 feet length x 48 inches width x 60 inches height. [ACN910]
Stock No: fpe_SNPM168.7  |   Mfg: Roscher  |   Model: RQ-SVM-S1100  |   S/N: fpe_6.080.0024

Used Osgood Cup Filler. Model: 3503. Serial Number 3503-1. Cup size: 5-1/2 inches diameter Mold width: 17 inches [6] 1 inches diameter fill valves. Chute width [lid]: 6-1/2 inches Lid press: 6 inches diameter Baldor Industrial Motor, 5 horse power, 1725 rpm, 206-230/460 V, 15-13.2/6.6 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Lid Roller Baldor Industrial Motor, 1/3 horse power, 208-230/460 V, 2.1-2/1 A, 60 Hz, 3 phase. The Osgood Super-Duty filler features a mechanical cam drive and weldment base. It is the benchmark for ruggedness and sanitation. Its super-fast design is state of the art, with a low profile and patented servo drives. Conveyor infeed height: 43 inches Conveyor exit height: 42 inches Inlets: [2] 3 inches diameter I-line fittings [female]. Overall dimensions: 18 feet 6 inches length x 45 inches width x 75 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_SKFC064.68  |   Mfg: Osgood Industries  |   Model: 3503  |   S/N: fpe_3503-1

1998 Osgood 4600 Cup Filler. S/N: 30472. Capacity: between 80-120 cups per minute depending on product and volume. Currently setup for a 4-wide fill with 4.16 in. dia round ss cup plates (ACN6750).
Stock No: fpe_SKFI142.65  |   Mfg: Osgood Industries  |   Model: 4600  |   S/N: fpe_30472

Used 1998 Hayssen Sandiacre Single Tube Intermittent Motion Bag Filler and Sealer. Model: TG400LX. Originally used as part of a frozen biscuit-in-a bag line, this machine offers adjustable capacity settings and is capable of filling 40, 18 and 12 count bags at the respective rates of 30, 40 and 45 bags per minute. Machine features simple and fast bag size changeover with one-piece forming sets. Infeed height: 6 feet 10 inches Exit height: 3 feet 5 inches Overall dimensions: 7 feet 8 inches length x 6 feet width x 7 feet 2 inches H.[ACN1250].
Stock No: fpe_DNBA084  |   Mfg: Sandiacre Packaging Machinery Ltd.  |   Model: TG400LX  |   S/N: fpe_2250

Krones 20 Valve Filler with Alcoa Capper. Model: 8402. S/N 120284. Fills from 0.5 liter @ 280 BPM up to 3 liter @ 180 BPM (with extra parts). Currently the unit is setup for a 1 Liter PET bottle with 28mm metal cap. Pressurized filler with 20 valves. *Note: the fill valve overfill return tubes are missing. Distance between valves: 7- 5/16 in. Dynamatic Motor: 10 hp. Ajusto Speed Motor Drive: 1,710/175 max/min rpm. Alcoa Capper, 5 head, set up for ROPP caps. Change parts for magnetic chucks available upon request. Overall dimensions (filler): 130 in. L x 90 in. W x 108 in. H. These fillers are commonly used in the bottling industry (XMR549a) (GM).
Stock No: fpe_2000.BP2a  |   Mfg: Krones  |   Model: 8402  |   S/N: fpe_120284

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