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Jabez Burns & Sons Incorporated. New York USA. Burn’s Equipment number 19.R. Burns No. 8 Split Nut Blancher. White-Westinghouse Corp. model ED30BG4, serial EGA104938. Refrigerant 500, 7.5 oz. 115V, 6.0 amps, 60 Hz. Dehumidification = pints/24 hr x 30. Date: January 1984. GE Electric motor 2 HP, 208/416V, 3-phase, 60 Hz. (E)
Stock No: fpe_TACJ1083.1  |   Mfg: Jabez-Burns and Sons  |   Model: 8  |   S/N: fpe_19.R

Used Lyco Destoner Vertical Auger. Model DM16-72. Serial Number 1.61E+09. Stainless steel. Auger diameter: 14-1/2 inches Vertical auger emerges from 48 inches length x 24 inches width x 27 inches H, irregular shaped tank to a discharge height of 7 ft, 6 inches Discharge dimensions: 16 inches width x 12 inches height. Overall height: 9 feet, 3 inches Floating product is picked up by the auger and elevated to the discharge point, while non floating "heavies" sink to the bottom of the tank for removal and discard. Unit is whole and complete, except for a drive chain guard cover on top of the machine and a discharge chute. It is mounted on casters for portable operation.
Stock No: fpe_GICS154.10a  |   Mfg: Lyco  |   Model: DM16-72  |   S/N: fpe_1610000000

Used Stainless Steel Elevated Conveyor with Wash Tank- 500 Gallon. Inside straight-wall dimensions: 9 feet 2 inches length x 5 feet 3 inches width x 1 feet 5 inches height. Belt width: 4 feet Number of sprayer manifolds: 4. [4] 1/2 inches diameter sprayers per manifold. Conveyor infeed height: 5 feet 3 inches Conveyor exit height: 4 feet 8 inches Inlets: [1] 2-1/2 inches diameter [sprayer infeed], [1] 1 inches diameter FNPT fitting. Outlets: [3] 3 inches diameter NPT drain ports, [1] 1 feet length x 9 inches height port [overflow]. Overall dimensions: 26 feet 4 inches length x 6 feet 8 inches width x 6 feet 6 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_165.JRW104.10  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Stainless Steel Hopper / Feeder. Previously used in a Apple Line Drying System. Includes: Eriez stainless steel hopper with tray, (2) Eriez magnetic vibrators, and 16 in. W x 8 ft. L Intralox conveyor with drive and control box.
Stock No: fpe_AANF261  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Stainless Steel Cylindrical Screen / Reel. For sifting, dewatering, cleaning, screening, sizing, etc. Does not include a frame or cradle. Screen holes are 1/8 in. wide x 1.25 in. long. Dimensions: 41 in. dia. x 71 in. L.
Stock No: fpe_NOI1410  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Used Elevated Conveyor with Wash Tank- 320 Gallon. Maximum aperture/clearance above belt: 24 inches width x 3 inches height. Conveyor width: 24 inches Height at conveyor outlet: 80 inches Wash tank is equipped with spray bridge. Sprayer dimensions: 1-1/4 inches length x 3/16 inches width. Inlets: [1] 2 inches diameter PVC spray bridge feed line, [1] 3-1/2 inches diameter [tank]. Outlets: [1] 4 inches diameter NPT [female valve]. Overall dimensions: 23 feet 9 inches length x 36 inches width x 83 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_OI161.  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Used 2003 Doubl-Kold, Inc. Portable Hydro Chiller with Conveyor System. Chiller system includes: Baltimore Aircoil Company evaporative condenser: model VCL-148-L, [rated at 105 nominal ammonia tons], Baltimore Aircoil Company cooling coil bank, model HCC-733, with Morfab Company, Inc. double entry surge drum, Vilter reciprocating compressor package model: VMC 450 XL, 125 hp, with Standard Refrigeration Co. surge drum, all mounted on a Fruehauf trailer: model: PAA-NF-25-45N. Approximate overall dimensions of hydro chiller package: 45 feet 11 inches L x 8 feet W x 13 feet 11 inches H. Conveyor system includes [2] 33 feet x 24 inches wide product belts, washing station and cooling station [1136 sq. feet], upper deck 2 feet wide catwalk with 39 inches high safety rail, Berkley and Deming pumps, Arrow Hart® manual motor controllers and Siemens controls. This system was designed to cool circulating water used for peas, lima beans, and garbanzo beans as they were picked from the field at approximate in and out temperatures of 105ºF to 35ºF at about 15,000 pounds per hour for one side[both sides were never operated]. The capacity of the hydro cooler is approximately 115,000 tons. Run time was 36 hours on per day with 4 hours down time enabling cleaning of tanks. Estimated amp draw at full load 460 volts 100 amps on conveyer section and 275 amps on refrigeration section. Approximate overall dimensions of conveyor system: 58 feet 2 inches L x 10 feet 10 inches W x 14 feet 1 inch H.(HB2)
Stock No: fpe_SSFF0144.400  |   Mfg: Doubl-Kold, Inc.  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

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