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Used FMC Tote Loader. Serial Number: 785755. F.O No. B63008. Max Tote Capacity: 800 pounds Power supply: 460 V, 3.1 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Warner Electric Electromechanical Actuator. Power supply: 115 V, 2.5 amps, 60 Hz. Vickens Hydraulic pump with Baldor Industrial Motor, 2 horse power, 1725 rpm, 208-230/460 V, 6.5-6.2/3.1 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Inlets/outlets: 82 inches length x 24 inches width [hopper tray loader]. Overall dimensions: 8 feet 5 inches length x 6 feet 1 inches width x 7 feet 9 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_SGM4002.7a  |   Mfg: FMC  |   Model: FMC  |   S/N: fpe_785755

Stock No: fpe_TASP139  |   Mfg: Custom Metal Craft  |   Model: Type 'A' Column Lift  |   S/N: fpe_73170

Used 2004 Meto Corp. Metolift® Pneumatic Post Mounted Lifter. Model: M2052-00. Serial number: 7185. Classifier operating loads: 1300 pounds vertical, 400 pounds horizontal. Classifier is 730 pounds static., Material of Construction: 304 stainless steel, 24 inches D x 192 inches height with 53 inches Centerline Moment Arm. [ACN362a].
Stock No: fpe_DLEC068.13  |   Mfg: Meto Corp   |   Model: M2052-00  |   S/N: fpe_7185

Used 2000 Custom Metalcraft Inc. Transtore Tilt Station.. Model 1049800. Serial Number 36567. Tilt is designed for a 42 inches x 48 inches base bin, approximately 50 inches tall. The height can vary however. This machine required a minimum of 80 psi, plant air to operate. You should have control valves on the unit that operate the cylinder for tilting, the automatic door opener, and the piston vibrator. It operates as follows: 1] Put the bin in position. 2] Tilt the unit into the discharge position. 3] Switch on the automatic door opener. 4] Turn on vibrator is product is not flowing. 5] Once empty, turn off vibrator, close door, and tilt back to unload position. Infeed hopper dimensions: 37 inches length x 21 inches width. Inlets: [1] 37 inches length x 7 inches width. Outlets: 5-1/2 inches length x 3-1/2 inches width discharge chute. Overall dimensions: 80 inches length x 60 inches width x 111 inches height.
Stock No: fpe_SNSL299.1  |   Mfg: Custom Metalcraft Inc  |   Model: 1049800  |   S/N: fpe_36567

Stock No: fpe_AANF265  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Used 2004 Tote Systems Tote Blender System. [6] 304 stainless steel, “Value-Line” tote bins. Tote bin maximum capacity:100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. Tote bin blend volume is 60 cubic feet or 448 gallons. Tote blender with control panel: Blender material of construction: carbon steel. Heavy duty industrial control transformer. Overall dimensions: 2 feet L x 8 inches W x 2 feet H. Sumitomo electric motor, 1-1/2 hp, 1730 rpm, 230/460 V, 4.6/2.3 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Sumitomo drive, ratio: 2559, rpm out: 0.684 [final]. Overall dimensions: 8 feet L x 8 feet W x 13 feet H. Includes aluminum discharge cone. Cone is equipped with manual operated 7-3/4 inch butterfly valve. Inlet: [1] 1 foot 9-1/2 inch dia. Open top. Outlet: [1] 7-3/4 inch dia. Butterfly valve port. Overall dimensions: a feet 3 inches L x 1 foot 11-5/8 inches W x 1 foot 1-3/8 inches H.[ACN620].
Stock No: fpe_GRGM01.62  |   Mfg: Tote Systems  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Used Stainless Steel Tote Unloader with Elevator. Used in applications where product is in granule or powder form. Tote must have bottom-center discharge. Cycle performed: elevate, position, weigh, unload. Elevates tote a distance of 62 inches from floor level. [4] Fairbanks Sensortronics Load Scales, Model: 65082-1.5K-6002, maximum capacity: 1,500 pounds, Vmin: 0.06, DL min: 30. [2] Baronshire Engineering Pneumatic Actuators, Model: 025 ST, Job No's: 17264 SL and 17111 SL, F diameter: 70 mm, OP Mode: DA, air pressure: 80 psi, one actuator for tote discharge gate, one actuator for butterfly valve discharge. [2] Matara UK Ltd Rodless Cylinders, Typ-Hub: PL00, Serial Number's: 1949 and 4221, size: 40x1720, diameter: 40 mm. Pneumatic Vibrator. Tri-Clover Bypass Valve. Springride DF 10x2 Airbags. Inlets: [1] 3/4 inches diameter barb fitting [air supply], [1] 2 inches diameter S-line fitting, [1] 10 inches diameter infeed. Outlets: [1] 3/4 inches diameter barb fitting [air supply], [1] 10 inches diameter S-line fitting. Overall dimensions [elevator]: 94-1/2 inches length x 66 inches width x 87-1/2 inches height. Overall dimensions [scale]: 91 inches length x 73 inches width x 74 inches height.[h17].
Stock No: fpe_RPAG648.20  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Stainless Steel Tote / Drum Dumper manufactured by MDF Millerbernd Design & Fabrication, Winsted, MN. Stainless steel control box with Eaton IDT PanelMate 1000, 8PG. S/N 8710-042. C&C Manufacturing, Inc. pneumatic piston. Unit is air operated with electronic controls (110V, 60 Hz, 1-phase).
Stock No: fpe_SKFI125.9  |   Mfg: Millerbernd  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

Used Back Tech Battery-Powered Lift. Model: BT/240. Maximum load capacity: 250 pounds The Back Tech. features a foot operated central brake system on rear casters, researchable battery pack, and wired remote control. Minimum lift height: 4 inches Maximum lift height: 4 feet Lift fork span [width]: 3 feet 5 inches Overall dimensions: 3 feet 8 inches length x 3 feet x 5 feet 6 inches height. [ACN46]
Stock No: fpe_SMBS406B.1a  |   Mfg: Back Tech  |   Model: BT/240  |   S/N: fpe_

Stock No: fpe_TASP140  |   Mfg: Not Specified  |   Model:   |   S/N: fpe_

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