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Evapco TFCS Stainless Steel Evaporator Coil. Model: TFCS-1108VF-750M. Serial: 6-297030. Design pressure: 250 PSIG. Rating (-40F SST): 45 tons refrigeration (540,000 BTU/H) at 10F TD, R717 ammonia flooded. Evapco, Inc. Greenup, Illinois USA. Tube material: stainless steel. Common applications: -30F to -40F blast freezing, spiral freezers, tunnel freezers, etc. Overall Dimensions: 24 ft. 8 in. L x 4 ft. 4 in. W x 7 ft. H.
Stock No: fpe_SDFP001.  |   Mfg: Evapco  |   Model: TFCS-1108VF-750M  |   S/N: fpe_6-297030

Used 2005 Evapco Freon Freezer Evaporator Blower. Model: TFC6 74123-750M. Approximate rated capacity: 31 tons using Freon R-507 at a 15TD in a -20F room with a -35F SST. Features include the patented, Thermal Pak aluminum finned coil with 73.5, square feet face area, and 19.8 cu. feet of coil volume. Fins are 12 rows deep with 3 fins per inch. Tube diameter: 1 inches Other feature include: stainless steel tubes and top water defrost. Inlet/Outlets: [2] 3 inches diameter ports, [1] 2 inches diameter port, [1] 1-1/2 inches diameter port. Approximate overall dimensions: 13 feet 6 inches length x 3 feet width x 5 feet10 inches H.[ACN110].
Stock No: fpe_MDFP114  |   Mfg: Evapco  |   Model: TFCS6 74123-750M  |   S/N: fpe_5-134484

Stock No: fpe_HAIN204  |   Mfg: Evapco  |   Model: SSTD2-00700-3  |   S/N: fpe_5-134446

Stock No: fpe_KFMS02  |   Mfg: Evapco  |   Model: NTL4-11563-750L  |   S/N: fpe_4-112530

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