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Used APV Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger. Model: CR5-HYD. S/N: 19385. Number of plates: 84. Materials of construction include 316 stainless steel. Approximate heat transfer surface area: 470 square feet. Plate pack dimensions: 4 feet 10 inches L x 1 foot 2 inches W. Maximum operating pressure: 225 psi. Product volume: 29.5 gallons. Prior use involved the temperature reduction of 8000 lbs. per hour of a squash puree using water and glycol. Inlets/outlets: [8] 3 inch diameter tri-clamp. Overall dimensions: 7 feet L x 3 feet 1 inch W x 8 feet 5 inches H.[ACN922-87].
Stock No: fpe_TAFM082.35  |   Mfg: APV  |   Model: CR5-HYD  |   S/N: fpe_19385

APV Crepaco HTST Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger. Model: CR5. Serial: 18483. Previously used in a 4000 GPH application with heating section, regeneration section, cooling section. Includes two divider plates and approximately 250 heat transfer plates. Ports: 4 in. Overall Dimensions: 118 in. L x 37 in. W x 101 in H. (H)
Stock No: fpe_SGMN187.35  |   Mfg: APV  |   Model: CR5  |   S/N: fpe_18483

Used 1991 Mueller Accu-Therm Plate Heat Exchanger. Model: AT40 F-20. Serial Number: 101036-2. Nat'l Bd: 18942. [96] 316 Stainless steel plates. Heating surface area: approx. 400 square feet Plate pack max/min lengths: 16.89/16.32 inches MAWP: 100 psi @ 150 F. MDMT: 32 F @ 100 psi. Inlets: [1] 4 inches diameter port [hot], [1] 4 inches diameter port [cold]. Outlets: [1] 4 inches diameter port [hot], [1] 4 inches diameter port [cold]. The Accu-Therm is a compact heat exchanger consisting of embossed heat transfer plates with perimeter gaskets to contain pressure and control the flow of each medium. Accu-Therm plates ensure high thermal efficiency, uniform fluid distribution, minimal fouling, and suitability for full differential pressure rating. Single-pass arrangement over an F-frame. Overall dimensions: 54 inches length x 21 inches width x 82 inches height.[acn93]
Stock No: fpe_SSLP101.9  |   Mfg: Paul Mueller Co.   |   Model: AT40 F-20  |   S/N: fpe_101036-2

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